Imelda's Brain

The Art of Imelda Fagin

My paintings are inspired by my dreams, my travels, all my friends and family as well as beautiful Prospect Park, across the street from where I live. I paint mostly in acrylic but worked for years in watercolor and pen and ink. Now, I’ve just started dabbling in water miscible oils.

For me, it all started with a lollipop. At age 4, I sweated over this drawing. The cherry lollipop lay before me on the kitchen table but recreating it on paper was so elusive. Endless permutations of line and circle were drawn, but none of it looked like my lollipop muse. Then Eureka! While staring at the lollipop I finally really ‘Saw’ the abstract design. This realization that my pencil, drawing lines and shapes on paper, could create the illusion of that real lollipop was my moment of artistic awakening.

Light and shadow falling on old, decaying walls inspires me as well as turning, twisting streets and alleys. What is not seen around the corner creates the mystery. My other big interest is in all those forgotten artists who created the mysterious, funny and inspiring sculptures found in the forgotten details of Romanesque churches. After almost a thousand years I can feel the craftsmanship and profound sense of humanity they bring to those stones.

I work in watercolor, acrylic, oil as well as plaster, and clay. And my new love, photography. Enjoy my work and please leave your comments.